Five key points of Think and Grow Rich

I'll be summarizing one of the greatest self-help books of all time Think and Grow Rich, this book is one of my top 5 book recommendations so make sure to read this and take notes. Why because in it is the combined knowledge about how to become successful from some of the greatest minds of the 20th century including John D Rockefeller who was the richest man the world has ever seen, Andrew Carnegie the biggest steel tycoon of his times and second only to Rockefeller in terms of wealth. Henry ford the founder of Ford Motor Company, Thomas Edison the inventor of lightbulb and holder of over 2,000 patterns and over 500 such great minds the author Napoleon Hill spent nearly 30 years interviewing these great men to figure out what made them successful and the book is a distillation of those ideas. And I will compress the entire book in the knowledge from these 500 great men into one encompassing idea that will simplify the whole book for you.

Even though the title of the book is Thinking Grow Rich, the idea is applied to accomplish any goal that you desire now here's the all-encompassing idea to do great things whether it be to accumulate great riches or any other goal for that matter. We have control the power of our subconscious mind and that is what we will discuss going forward, now why do we need to do that? Well we all have two minds inside of us the conscious and the subconscious, however in terms of sheer power the subconscious mind is orders of magnitude more powerful than the conscious mind there is literally no comparison. If the size of the conscious mind is the size of a microwave oven the subconscious mind is the size of the Milky Way. It is extremely powerful and the computational resources it as are humongous millions of times more powerful than the conscious mind. So, in order to accomplish your big goals you need to control the power of your subconscious mind by programming it with the goal that you want.

And how do we control the power of the subconscious mind and program it for? It is not easy to program the subconscious mind, but it is entirely possible. And this book is all about understanding precisely how to do that? So let's understand the basics of the subconscious mind, and then we will talk about the keys to program it for massive success firstly even though the subconscious mind is way more powerful than the conscious mind it is still being controlled by the conscious mind, our conscious mind is the master of our subconscious mind. The unconscious mind is like a garden while the conscious mind is the gardener. The conscious mind is sowing the seeds of part while the subconscious is working to bring those thoughts to fruition.

Second of all we have to understand that our subconscious mind is always working and for most people it is working against them now you might be wondering why the subconscious mind would work against you? Well it is because of the thoughts and emotions that are dominating your existence every single moment every single day. If your thoughts are dominated by negativity, fear, poverty and failure well the subconscious mind is busy making those thoughts a reality for you and hence it is working against you. On the other hand if you are feeding your subconscious mind deliberately design thoughts and feelings of riches, success and positivity, well the subconscious mind gets busy making those thoughts a reality for you. Now the challenge is that if you do not actively plant deliberately chosen thoughts and emotions in there it will work on the thoughts it receives as a result of neglect. And unfortunately those are not usually positive uplifting thoughts, you are constantly being bombarded with negativity all around you.

Thirdly the subconscious mind is objective it does not distinguish between positive or negative it does not distinguish between a penny or a million it will take whatever thoughts and emotions you think and feel and get busy making them a reality whether positive or negative. So now that we understand the subconscious mind a little better, how do we get about programming our subconscious mind for great success? How do we create that burning desire that literally turns on the power of the subconscious mind in our favour and makes us unstoppable?

Well here are the five keys to do exactly that, first of all we must have a definite purpose, we must become very clear on what we want on the specific goal, we want the clear purpose or the end goal. The easier it is to get there only when we are clear about our goal. Can we program that goal into our subconscious mind? If you provide your subconscious mind with no clear purpose or goals, you will get no real power, it will be like a giant ship with immense power but without any destination to aim for. So what's the use of a ship without a clear destination a lot of people have these wake calls about maybe becoming rich or losing weight but those goals are so big that it's almost useless. You have to be very clear, you have to have a very clear goal a very clear picture, that it will help you to control the power of your subconscious mind because it allows you to focus on your effort and it gives you a clarity of direction clarity of making decisions.

The second key to programming, your subconscious mind is to use the power of artists suggestion Suggestions are deliberately designed statements or commands you give to yourself, also known as affirmations. Once you know what you want, you must repeat that command to your subconscious mind over and over again, no end to it. There is no end to maintaining your garden and you have to keep on doing this you never stop doing it so you keep on  repeating these affirmations to yourself these are the suggestions to yourself over and over again.

The third key to programming, your subconscious mind is to use the power of emotions to direct your subconscious mind, now it is not enough to think about your calls and just repeat them, you must mix those thoughts of your calls with emotions, the emotions you want to feel when the goal will be accomplished. The subconscious mind only understands the language of emotions, and emotionless thoughts do not affect the subconscious mind that is a fact it does not understand the subject, just does not understand the language of logic or reason. So any language you use in order to program your subconscious mind has to involve emotions. You have to feel the feelings in order to be able to program your subconscious mind.

The fourth key to programming, your subconscious mind is visualization. In order to program our subconscious mind we must see and feel the goal as if the goal is already accomplished that you already have what you desire. Ask yourself how would you act if you had already accomplished your goal? How would you feel? What would you do? What feelings would dominate your mind? The key to visualization is to actually be able to see and feel yourself as having already accomplished the call rather than thinking of it as a distant possibility. So if you have a goal losing weight by December 31st of this year visualize yourself on December 31st as having already accomplished that call.  

The fifth key to programming, your subconscious mind is persistence and repetition. So what is the price of being able to control the power of your subconscious mind? As Napoleon Hill says it is everlasting persistence and thoughts mix with emotions mix with faith endless repetition of that desire mixed with positive emotions and mixed with faith no matter what the circumstances no matter what you see externally in the world.
We talked about the five keys to control the power of the subconscious mind that literally makes us unstoppable. so I hope you learn something new from this post.

Why we can't keep New year resolutions?

I've never understood the phenomenon of New Year's Resolutions. Sure, I get that it's a chance to start afresh with a clean slate, but these ritualized promises have become synonymous with bulleting a never ending list 

The problem with resolutions is not only that they are overly ambitious (lose 50 pounds, yay?), too vague (drink less, though what is "less"?), or highly specific (anything short of reaching that exact target feels like a failure), but that they fail to account for ingrained habits. Furthermore, these resolutions don't connect to what happens after they've been accomplished. So you've managed to "become a better person"...then what? We don’t follow!!

Why is it that we have no more moral stamina than a noodle when it comes to keeping our resolutions? Because New Year resolutions are just symbolic.  Everyone is making them, so we also try to make some. That way we too have something to share with the group in Whatsapp/Facebook wall. The problem is there is no conviction behind these resolutions. They are born out of tradition and group conformity rather than through a thought-out mental exercise. When one has a firm resolve to do something, one doesn't wait for a particular auspicious day to start it. One just does it. 

Most New Year resolutions lack both the will and the plan for action. They just remain an exercise in fantasy, and seldom amount to anything on the ground of reality.

I would like to here more. Comment's below.

Pinnacle of love

Daily you appear distinctly new to me…
Who has destined our relation?
Who has introduced you to me?
Who drew me towards you?
Who has stopped me looking at you?
Do you know? That I am in love with you❤❤
I have composed my love to you…
I have penned down that I am nothing but you…
I will turn into melodious song for you!!
With loads of happiness..
You paused my are filled in my eyes..
I am empty like the dark sky on a new moon day..
You have won my love
I don’t know what this feeling is??
I never felt so before
I will treasure you in my little heart
It amuses my heart with pleasure….❣❣

Frist 10 people on Facebook, website web site ordained into the 2nd largest in the world, surely we all already know. This site is great demand of children, teenagers, adults to the elderly though. But do you know who the people who first registered on Facebook are. Here are the first 10 registrants at the site of the largest friendship and his account is still active today.

1. Mark Zuckerberg :
Founder and inventor of Facebook this is the person who first enroll in this phenomenal networking. Currently Zuckerberg became one of the richest young men in the world with a fortune of nearly 10 billion U.S. dollars.

2. Chris Hughes:
Chris Hughes is the Co-Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg's room m ate at the same time as they study at Harvard University. Project that made  his name skyrocketed in addition to being a co-founder of Facebook

3. Dustin Moskovitz:
Dustin Moskovitz is a co-founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg's roommate at the same time as they study at Harvard University. Moskovitz has a facebook share by 6% who made  his fortune estimated at 1.4 billion U.S. $.

4. Arie Hasit:
Arie Hasit is a good friend of Mark Zuckerberg.  When they studied at Harvard they often do activities together - together. Now he works as a spokesman for the Israeli army. 

5. Marcel Georges Laverdet II:
Little is known about Marcel Georges Laverdet II. Which can be known only for her work on Facebook.

6. Soleio:
Soleio are technical employees Facebook. On the page - his, he wrote that his work is related to the technical Facebook.

7. Chris Putnam:
Chris Putnam is one of the software engineer Facebook. There are unique from Chris Putnam is one - only people who have an avatar in Facebook.

8. Andrew McCollum:
Andrew McCollum was a classmate of Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard at the same time. He is a graphic designer at Facebook first. It was he who designed the first logo Facebook

9. Colin Kelly"
A little info about this person. Certainly he is an alumnus of Harvard University. Most likely was a classmate of Mark Zuckerberg

10. Mark Kaganovich:

Mark Kaganovich was an alumnus of the Harvard field of computer science. He is the founder of Labmeeting, which is a kind of social network (like Facebook) but is devoted to the scientists.

The Day Will Come

I looked at the road that my love travelled,
For a long time my eyes were filled again.
Your face came to my mind.
These beautiful eyes which I haven't seen before...are killing me today.
These cute little smiles which didn't exist till now...are grazing past me today.
The moment I saw you...I lost myself.
Those eyes are speaking lot with me.
If you are with me...wouldn't all my life melt away like a day.
You are the reason for the warmth inside me.
You are the reason for my intense thirst.
Leaving this world...I follow you to the dreamland.
You are the nectar for my heart ...poison for my age.

Coffee and Cigarette Krazy combination

I still don’t understand how the bond between coffee and cigarette is so strong. Both can stimulate the mood; make you feel less tired for some time. But cigarette makes you little makes you to feel little drowsy and on other side coffee make you out of drowsy. So, how come this combination is so strong and so popular?

When I asked my friend, he says “Coffee and cigarettes go together so well because, caffeine and nicotine are like brothers. They are both stimulants, but they affect different parts of your body; while coffee affects more your body giving you energy, nicotine affects more your brain. Giving you more focus.”

I am still not satisfied with the answer and in the next day morning I asked other one who takes Coffee and cigarettes as his breakfast and he says “I don’t know but when i wake up first thing i want is a cigarette and a cup of coffee. It’s been my everyday breakfast for like the last 3 years. If i don’t have my coffee and cigarette when I get up i just won’t feel right all day.”

But when I searched on web it say “Coffee and cigarettes actually a terrible, not very tasty, combination, say scientists” and even more it effects more on health when this combination taken a first thing after wake-up from bed.

I still confused why both version are far cry from. I am neither going to comment on both statement nor sit on fence. It’s their choice of lifestyle. The krazy answer I got is “Imagine you are a factory or construction worker. You start working at 7 in the morning, and by the time its 3, you are totally burnt out and fatigued. You need a stimulant. So you have a cup of tea and a puff, and together, they stimulate you back to morning freshness. Moreover, in many places, you only get one single 10-minute break. So you've got to do both your tea and smoke in that time.” What is your answer?? Comment below

8 unknown facts of 26/11 Mumbai Attack

        India has seen a number of terrorist attacks since independence. While each of the attacks left a scar on the heart of every Indian, the worst among all the terrorist attacks was the 26/11 Mumbai attack of 2008. 26/11 attack was different in a sense that for the first time, terrorists trained in Pakistan, used the sea route to enter India. The terrorists who participated in 26/11 Mumbai attacks were highly trained and were preparing for this strike for quite a long time. Their objective was to create terror.

1.Attacked tourist attractions of Mumbai
All these terrorists want to spread terror in the city and hence they attacked popular tourist attractions in Mumbai, such as the Taj Mahal Hotel, Leopold’s Cafe/Restaurant, and Oberoi Hotel.

2. Number of people killed and injured
The terrorists killed almost 164 people and injured more than 600 people.

3. Taken drugs
To stay awake for long hours, these all terrorists had taken cocaine and LSD during the attacks to sustain their energy and stay awake for 50 hours.

4. It was planned attack
According to the media reports, 26/11 attack in Mumbai was a planned attack by Pakistan’s terrorist organization, Lashkar-e-Taiba.  The attackers had planned the attack several months ahead of time and knew some areas well enough to vanish and reappear after security forces had left. The attackers used at least three SIM cards purchased on the Indian side of the border with Bangladesh. There were also reports of a SIM card purchased in the US state New Jersey. According to a report published in New York Times it was believed that Indian, British and American Intelligence had some kind of input about Terror plot in India, but they failed to coordinate.

6. Ajmal Amir Kasab and Abu Dera Ismail Khan killed 22 Muslims
Ajmal Amir Kasab and Abu Dera Ismail Khan killed about 58 people at CST including 22 Muslims, and injured more than 104 in just 15 minutes.

7. All terrorists killed except one
According to the media reports, there were 10 terrorists who entered in the city through sea and out of 10, 9 terrorists were killed. Mumbai Police and NSG Commandos arrested one terrorist named Mohammad Ajmal Aamir Kasab. He was hanged till death.
8. Railway Police filed case
To your surprise, Railway Police filed a case against Ajmal Kasab for entering CST railway station without ticket. It is one of the funny facts about 26/11 attack in Mumbai.

        These were some lesser known facts about 26 11 Attacks in Mumbai in 2008. It is often called as India’s 9/11 and one of the deadliest Terrorist attack in India.

Take a holiday from your World by reading a book!!!

I believe that an ailment that can be cured by reading a good book.
        If that sounds whacky, I'd go even further. Almost any book will do. As long as it's a good book – with engrossing characters who catch your attention –
reading gives you a break from yourself. And a break from ourselves, it seems to me, is precisely the thing most of us desperately require. When you ask me what's you favorite read then I say, "I never read anything I haven't written myself ." I was much mocked at time, social media has now left many people in much the same situation. We have created a universe in which every person is a sun about whom all planets revolve. It's not called Facebook for nothing. It's a book written by you, and about you, and for you – as if you are staring into a picture of yourself. It's not so much a MacBook as a MacphersonBook.
        This is a world that could have been designed to create social anxiety, self-doubt and depression; a world in which people are constantly thinking about themselves and their relationship to others. How did the old joke go? "Enough about me. Let's talk about you. What do you think about me." That's Facebook in one.
       The magic of reading is that the reader disappears. Every keen reader has had the experience of being "lost in a book". It's the phrase we habitually use because
Reading books can help you cope with the real world
it is so accurate to the sensation. You find yourself entirely inside the world of the book, oblivious even to your physical circumstances. Your bad knee stops aching, your cup of tea goes cold and – most excitingly – your anxieties evaporate. With great writers, every sentence somehow tips the reader into the next; each scene pulls the reader deeper into the thickets of the story. A door opens, and there is this glorious, momentary escape from self – this break from the ego-surfing, Facebook-checking, Instagram-posting world. Yes, other art offers the same escape, but reading may be the most potent pill; probably because it requires more from our imagination, as we picture the world in which these characters walk – filling-in as designer, authour, student,oncologist...
        And here is something hilarious: whenever we have this holiday from ego – with whichever art form – our various devices become unhappy: anxiously pinging and

When I had too much reality I open book. . .
poking, insisting we return ourselves to the center of the picture. Why not rate the book you've just finished on Good Reads? Or discuss your favorite TV show while it's being broadcast using Twitter? Or take a photo of yourself queuing to see the Mona Lisa and post it on Instagram? How lovely to think: the less anxious we are, the more anxious are our devices. They are worried, I guess, that art is allowing us to free ourselves from their control.
As my devices ping and trill and flash, I try to be sympathetic to their mounting panic :P ;)


Write to Xpress

An open reply to the one who asks me the question, why you write all these?

        I only write when something come around me and affect my emotions that
I can’t do anything until I’ve articulated them. Am I allowed to write about anyone/anything? No one has written about me so I don’t know what that feeling is - the feeling of seeing your character being picked apart and observed by someone else. But there have been times when I’ve written things about them and it has affected small parts of how we interact. I remember writing an email to my frnds (who are followers of this blog anyway) which I thought was really from the heart. I received a beautiful reply but is it OK if I share those feelings with the entire internet? No, I am not projecting views of society towards me I jst drop lines for my feelings….

        I’d like to believe that the people who really care about me will continue to treat me the same way regardless because they know that the need to express myself is something I can’t fight. It’s a trade-off: do you release something into the public domain that could benefit many, at the risk of isolating a few? Maybe this inertia is what holds most people back from expressing themselves artistically.

        I am here because some part of me wants to compete with them. I didn't come alone though. I'm here with friends and acquaintances.

Things that girl should know😉

  • My boyfriend barely talks to me. He only speak a few sentences to me the week, and it is all about office stuff. I feel so emotionally disconnected from him. I feel like we are roommates. I don’t feel like we are in relation.
  • My boyfriend won’t talk with me about anything. He says he has nothing on his mind and doesn’t need to talk.
  • My partner never gives me affirmation or compliments. He won’t meet my needs!
  • I can’t live with a man who won’t talk about his deepest feelings and thoughts.
  • I take it very personally that he won’t share his heart with me.
  • He wants space and time to himself and I feel unloved when he doesn’t want to spend time with me talking.
        I don't understand why girls make such statements if say so they have no point to show that some one is not take care of them just because he is speaks less
to you. Girls should know that boys shows love without words and appreciate. The key is that you needs to recognize how he shows love and accept his way of showing love as being valid and appreciating what he does instead of being angry that he doesn’t change and doesn’t show love with a lot of emotional words. If you need some one to who talk to you much and a lot then go and find some good chatterbox girlfriends.

        Learn to read his body language and non-verbal communication about his love for you. Accept that he may not give a lot of compliments – and appreciate
that he probably doesn’t give a lot of criticism, either. Be willing to accept his way of bonding many times – by being together shoulder to shoulder doing something without a lot of talking :P. If he doesn’t appreciate or want a lot of verbal praise/encouragement – learn how to bless him with non-verbal respect – big smiles, possibly hugs if he is ok with that(all boys are OK with that 🙈:P), doing special things for him that he would appreciate. Don't pressure him to try to make him open up. Create an emotionally safe place for him then see how much he talk. Be calm and pleasant and friendly when you share your heart with him. Let him associate “talking with you” with pleasant emotions.

Note: Men will be Men, No offence please 😎
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