I, who writes, often find himself incapable of finding a suitable medium to emit all the frustration and hence chose ‘words’ as the medium. I'm not much concerned of what people will think, who will read and what would be their response because mostly my concern is my expression, the one right no one can take away from me. For all the turmoil going into his head, uncontrolled thoughts, blurry images, half baked ideas, complaints, tensions, stress, I got only one solution, to write it up. Writing is more of permanently bookmarking something. Something that happened and I'm sure , I would forgot or become unaffected soon but would like to visit it somewhere later in the future and hence I create a save point by writing it down.

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Krazy Last Nyt

I went to bed early to try and get some rest. But I found myself lying in bed awake in the middle of the night, worrying that if I didn’t get back to sleep soon I’d been even more tired and wouldn’t be able to finish the work I promised to get finished by Monday.

(Lying in bed awake)
Me: (to myself) You really need to sleep, You have to wake up early tomorrow morning. Do you believe it’s already 12:21am. . .

(more time passes)

Me: (to myself) Why can’t you sleep? you are tired. You did all the right things. Lights were dim, didn’t do anything active in the last 3 hours … oh wow, it’s already 1:14 am. How are you going to function tomorrow…

Usually I go to bed when I can barely keep my eyes open but when I have something important to wake up for the next day and want to go to sleep early, I always find it hard to fall asleep.

It is frustrating. The more I want to sleep, the more awake I become.

I got up from bed and try to do some work. I know it is not good to stimulate the mind when you are trying to sleep but it seemed like a waste of time to just lie in bed awake. I would work until my eyes became heavy and then go to bed. The next morning I would have a hard time waking up and be easily distracted all day. I started to watch a video on how to fall sleep, but gave up in two minutes. I found a technique that has worked very well to help me sleep. It is effective to watch fav movie, my KMplayer got into confusion what to select Rang De Basanti or Jab We Met finally it went with Rang De Basanti. . . Later I came to know that we can't get sleep while watching your fav movie becz it is your fav. I paused the movie and started writing this, this method is so effective that I almost fell asleep writing this post.

I’m not kidding.
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Krazy Girl'z EYEz..


If you ask me what you see in a girl when you meet her I can’t say but when you ask me what you like I say her eyes but I can’t drag myself looking in to their eyes. .

        Eyes are one of the most powerful tools a girl can have. With one look, she can relay the most intimate message. After the connection is made, words cease to exist. They have their own vocabulary that a boy can’t understand how much he tries. .

        Girl’s eyes are a window to not only the soul; they hold every emotion known to world today and speak to the world experience that words cannot describe, that is more beautiful than words can describe.

       Girl’s eye can threaten like a loaded and leveled gun, or it can insult like hissing or kicking; or, in its altered mood. By beams of kindness, it can make the heart dance for joy. Their eyes are the one who can win hearts with a purely innocent smile in them.

      Girl’s eyes, which could change the world. For they would speak of the woes and tragedies of what lies behind them. They emit light to show content. But the light is produced by fire. It burns, damages, scorns. Yet yields light to see the color.

Be careful boys with beautiful eyes,
For they can create beautiful words
That can be so sweet to your heart.
They can kiss so perfectly
It’s like you weren't really alive before it.
They will show you part of the world you've never seen
And you'll ponder why you never saw it.
Be careful  boys with beautiful eyes,
Because just like the night
They can slip away in the darkness
And leave you with only memories of their beautiful eyes.

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Open Skies . . . Closed minds . . .


      A few days ago, my friend took his own life. He was considered friendly and funny, many loved him for his kind, lovable and humorous nature. Unfortunately, his depression and despair grew quietly and he felt compelled to commit suicide. There are many options for him it is like an open sky but his closed mind made him to commit suicide. He is not an anomaly; he is actually lecture in polytechnic college. No matter whom we are what our position in life, how happy we look or what we have accomplished; suicidal thoughts can come to anyone. No doubt, we all have had thoughts of ending our lives.

      I've been in that place many times. In fact I used to fantasize about how I'd do it and when. I used to wish I'd get hit by a car or lose control while I was driving and it would kill me. I completely understand how and why people feel like this. But I'll tell you something...it's not the answer.

    So why to opt the permanent solution to your temporary problems? Especially for young adults, the problems they face may seem massive and unsolvable. But everybody has problems; nobody goes through life without it. As an individual, you are defined by your reaction to the hardships you face and how you choose to overcome your suffering. Suicide is simply escaping from your problems, not the solution to them.

       You might think that by killing yourself, you are outwitting your problems. But by taking your own life, you are making the decision to lose in the game of life. Suicide cannot be called a personal choice since it does not only affect the person dying. If a loved one commits suicide, the people around them are left with a lifetime of guilt and remorse. They will constantly blame themselves for not preventing the death or wondering where they went wrong. You will be leaving your family and friends with a lifetime of emotional trauma and unanswered questions.

       Fighting for survival is one of the core program every human being possesses.  Taking  the  cowards  way  out  is  not  the  right  way  to  deal  with  your problems. Remember that other people have faced tougher situations than you, fought for survival and succeeded. As long as you stay and fight, you always have a chance. Choose to be a survivor, not a failure.

Life is VERY worth living. It's a gift...truly a gift...don't take this gift away from yourself...you'll regret it. You will regret it more then it'll do you any good. That I promise you.

                                                                  Sravankumar Sripadi
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