Excuses in Lab Execution….

            Lab is often the SLy friend, you have to execute programs. It would hurt us more to realize of this fact that executing it in ignorance… For a Computer Science student like me will have two labs one with Compilers(C, CPP, Java…) and other with Electronic devices (EDC, MP….).

       c, it is the first lab in my Engineering life. For me it is
String handling in final lab external, which I have no idea of code and I can’t execute it and I am in a hurry to catch the bus to my home. I went to madam with an innocent face and said, “Madam I tried much, but I can’t execute it”, after listening my word madam she excused me and written executed on my answer script. I am disappointed, I am so disappointed. I am disappointed not because it not executed, but because I missed the bus …

       Data Structures, a lot has happened today. But the end could not have been worse, doing text book programming for more than 3 hours now and don' t know how much longer would it take to complete my Data Structure' s practical file. I really wanna sleep but this programming thing is keeping me awake. I can’t fight with it anymore. I picked five programs and started on those it taken 45min to understand all those lines, and believe me, it’z a terrible feeling..! Luckily I got two programs from those five I learned and I executed them without any failure.
        I felt much for these two labs and rest of computer labs are free from executing errors.

     A lot more happens in Electrons lab with diodes, flip-flops etc… Half adder, full adder, full adder with a carry, Master-Slave flip-

flop uffff wht the f#@k all these furcates me on the day of exm bcoz I have no idea how to make them. Usually Santosh will take the responsibility of explaining to Shiva Tez and me about all the experiments and how to do them on the day before the exam, he manages all in jst one hour. Shiva can get in the first time itself but I can’t, I need a second time explanation. When I ask Santosh for the second time Shiva take the opportunity of explaining  and he explains in a very funny way take that wire keep in that hole(bread board), on switch, note values, that’s  it see how simple. On the day of exam while doing the experiment Bhavani, Swetha and Naresh helps me to complete the task. As I am not interested in Electronic everything seems to be weird . . . 

your stomach iz eating rice or grass it was the first complement that I got from our sir on the first day itself bcoz in DE I supposed to use Direct Current but I supplied Alternate Current which result in short circuit and all the components burnt. It iz not the first time I destroyed the college property in Basic Electronics lab also I did the same and it ensue with 20mrks out of 50(jst pass).

       Oh god there is no Electrical lab in final year. . . . . . 

Krazy Cognizant Interview

 Yes, I am disappointed, I am so disappointed. I am disappointed not because I lost, but because I  know that  I worked  hard and  this is not  what I  deserved.

           I am one in 350 members who were cleared Cognizant written test and from my college I am one in three and I felt that I have something better and good enough to clear the screening test. And all my friends and juniors felt that I will get the job for sure and I too have the confident from my side in clearing GD or JAM and bit doubt in Technical Round (TR). So, I started ppr for TR and went to many programs and the date of interview announced and a bit of tautness I can sense in me which was never before because it was my first interview.

             I am waiting for my name to call for TR and it was my name and I was taken to the other room along with other  as a group of 30 members and from there they are allowing to TR(6 panels) and it was my name last in the list after a wait of 73 mins I was called for TR and I was shocked by seeing the panel member who is going to interview me bcoz I have already heard that there is the panel with one man who I black in color and with a good body jst like hero VISHAL was very tough and he selected none. 
And my interview session started with a question “How are you Mr. Sravan Kumar Sripadi?” seeing my resume and I said “I am fine Sir J .”
Interviewer: Tell me about yourself?
Me : I said everything without any fail .
Interviewer : Cloud Computing?
Me: Done with it and got a appritation well said from interviewer.
Interviewer: Your fav subject?
Me : Operating System.
Interviewer: Tell me about Dead Lock?
Me : I have a give brief about Dead lock in addition to that prevention methods of dead lock.
Interviewer: Tell me about diff operating systems avail in market.
Me: Windows, Linux, LionX, Android, Symbian, Blackberry IOS and etc…
Interviewer: Write a program for reversing a string.
Me : I written it in C.
Interviewer : Can you write it in PL/SQL?
Me : No.
Interviewer: Ok, Sravan nice to meet you.
                I am done my interview session and I am confident that i will be in the Cognizant after 30mins of waiting results were out I was disappointed that I am not selected.

            Nevertheless, that is no reason to give up, which is no reason to be pessimistic. I thought there may have been someone who worked a little bit more, someone who had put in that little spec of extra perseverance that I forgot. The imminent failures are but the final lessons to be learned before the inevitable victory, it is the duty of the universe to take care that the deserving gets the glory.
               It is your job to stand up when you fall and it is of you to finish the race. The parties will come along, strive for the last missing piece if the puzzle till the whole is done. Finish it that is just the beginning of the journey. The things that went unfinished will be but a waste of effort, when you set your heart onto something, don’t you wish to see the dream blossom. To see it in all colors, with wings of gold, soaring in the sky like the birds of some forgotten fairy tales.

In Om Sahnati Om Sahruk says

“End may sab tik ho jatha hi, 
aur agar tik na ho vo di end ni hi,
 abhi picture baki hi meri dost”

              There  will  come  the  time,  when  you  will  win,  because  eventually  you  have  to  win, eventually you have to be honored for your hard work. This is just a battle lost, the war still to be won. No time stand and mourn, no time to run for shelter. It is the time to rise above it all and fight, it is the time to win and this time the fate will be made different. This is all it takes to rescue the sinking ship and finish the voltage.

Let My Dreams comes True ヅ

The dreams which I saw from my blissful heart,
Never knew that you are the beauty of those dreams.
Whom I was searching everywhere,
Never knew that you are of my love .

What is this secret?
What did you do as if you filled the darkness with the moonlight?
Why to make the moon and the stars so famous?
You are even better than them?
Nobody comes to the gates of my heart, only you are needed.

In all directions there is noise of Shehnai,
That you've started towards me..
I am cloud and you're the sky,
You're close but where are you?
You're not my insistence but my habit.
I see colors flying and all beautiful,
Wherever I see you in my dreams..
Sometimes I ask myself, if I am good enough for you.

Come; Make as a better person,
Come; Teach slowly how to love ,
Come; get some talks of love with you ,
Come; express your love a little .
Come; shows me that our love is true .

Oh my beloved , A disorganized dream
Each of my insistence is limited to just you,
All my childish behavior is limited to just you,
Oh my beloved , A disorganized dream
Make me a place which I would never, ever see.
In pure silence I will be your heart beat and I will be with you

I will be the end to your Nightmares;
I will be guarding your way to the clouds.
I will be your last tear which says a very good bye to all your sorrows.!
You are my dream, my love , my life….

My whole youth is limited to you only..
My story start in you,
My story ends in you alone.. I hope that one day
 you'll love me,
 I'll be waiting for that day to come,
You'll say I love you.

P.S : My dreams, just a distant memory of someone I thought was      
          my ideal soul mate.

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